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Full Service Kilt Rentals for All Occasions

Weddings ∑ Graduations ∑ PromsBurnís NightsHighland Games

Tartan BallsAny Formal Occasion

Welcome to Dunedin Scottish Kilt Rentals. We offer more options in our rentals than any other company. Not only do we offer the full formal Prince Charlie & Vest jacket with our 5 different tartan kilts, we also have the attractive black Argyll jacket. The Argyll jacket looks great on all men regardless of size and build and can be worn with a tuxedo shirt & bow tie, a cummerbund or with a regular dress shirt with long tie. 

We supply a black bowtie & cummerbund at no extra cost, if requested. Our kilts are made of first quality 100% worsted Scottish wool. Scottish made black leather Sporran, chain belt and Kilt belt and buckle come with the rental as do tartan flashes (garters). You will need to purchase your kilt hose and a tuxedo shirt.  

Charlie Coat & Traditional Kilt

We have been renting kilts for over 10 years. We carry a wide range of sizes and shapes. We can fit almost anyone. Book your rentals as far in advance as possible to assure availability.


Renter must have a valid credit card for rental. The number is held for security if some items are not returned or damaged. We ship your outfit to you days in advance of the event so there is time for exchanges in case of fitting problems. We provide you with a return UPS label (that you pay for). You place the return items back in the box, attach the return label and take the package to a local UPS pick-up point by the next working day.


Send your rental request to Dunedin Scottish and we will contact you to verify your request and finalize your rental. CLICK HERE TO BEGIN

(Click on each item, one at a time, to view sample )

KILT                                   $50.00
Black Watch
Gordon Modern
MacKenzie Ancient
National Millennium
All styles include Kilt, Sporran, Chain Belt & Flashes. Tuxedo shirts are available for rent. The charge is $12.95 per shirt. Wing collars, 1/4" pleats.
Includes black Bow Tie & Cummerbund, if requested
Includes black Bow Tie & Cummerbund, if requested

Renter must have a valid Credit Card for rental. Card number held for security deposit.

If you want to be married in your own name tartan, we are one of the largest Kilt makers in the U.S. Our kilts are hand sewn in Scotland and shipped to our warehouse in Tampa, Florida. We use only the best 100% worsted 13 oz. wool. Click here to order your kilt online!




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